Its Founders

Breenhold was founded and created in the mid 1960s by the late Thomas Essington Breen and his wife Charlotte. Their vision is now being perpetuated by their family for future generations and visitors alike.

Tom was born in 1914 and died in 2002. His earlier career path was as a Sydney newspaper journalist, encompassing ballet & theatre criticism and political reporting and commentary. His second career, commencing in the early 1950's, was industrial, when he founded a construction sand company at Kurnell, which later diversified into landfill, materials recycling and land development. He had visited Mount Wilson as a young man, and 40 years ago commenced fulfilling his dream to create a significant garden there.

Charlotte (called "Bill") was an accomplished sculptor. She and Tom began the development of Breenhold together only a few years before she died in 1968. An obelisk to her memory stands at "Bill's Point Lookout" on the western boundary of Breenhold, and the lookout affords panoramic views across the Blue Mountains National Park stretching below it.

The Property

Breenhold comprises 18 separate land parcels, located on each side of The Avenue, with a total area of 45 hectares. Apart from the original house site, and the garden area named 'Talbingo', which had been planted in the 1930s by members of the Marcus Clark family, most of the original property consisted of open paddocks, including a local tip. The acquisition of these properties by Tom & Charlotte Breen commenced in the 1960s, and from their personal vision, much excellent workmanship and horticultural knowledge, as well as trial and error, grew the Gardens of today.

A series of radiata pine windbreaks were first built in strategic locations on the perimeter of the property, which together with numerous masonry garden walls, combine to protect the garden areas from high winds from the south and west.
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