Photography & Filming Locations

Breenhold at all seasons of the year provides a unique place of natural and cultivated beauty. It is a dream for photographers and as a backdrop for those special events. Visitors are encouraged to take photos and may wish to post some on Breenhold’s Facebook page. Formal photoshoots, such as pre-wedding or similar, need to be arranged beforehand and do require a fee to be paid.


Breenhold as a Movie Location

Breenhold has provided a unique location for the shooting of several movies, documentaries, TV series and commercials.

Movie Production \ Gatsby

Significant parts of “The Great Gatsby” produced by Baz Lurhmann (released in 2013) were filmed on location at Breenhold and at other areas of Mount Wilson. Mr Luhrmann chose Breenhold as a major location to be able to reproduce the northern hemisphere trees and ambience of New York’s Long Island in the 1920s. The Arc Garden in Breenhold was the location where Nick Carraway’s cottage was built and where, under a tree in the garden, Gatsby (Leonardo di Caprio) wooed Daisy Buchanan (Carey Mulligan). Shooting ran over a number of months in 2012, and the movie won an Academy Award for Best Production Design and also a number of AACTA awards.

TV Production \ Lambs of God

A large part of the award winning Australian TV series Lambs of God was filmed over seven weeks at Breenhold in 2017, with the set centred at Celestium and on the Celestium Lawn.

Lambs of God Photographer, Mark Rogers. Courtesy of Lingo Pictures.

“Darwin’s Brave New World” (2008), a bio-documentary on Charles Darwin, was filmed in part at Breenhold, which was used to represent in the film, Down House, Darwin’s home in the English countryside. This was a co-production by the Australian Broadcasting Corp. and CBC of Canada.

An episode of the popular Australian TV series, Marriage at First Sight was also filmed in Celestium and the surrounding garden in December 2018.

Breenhold has also featured in an Australian TV travel series and has been the location for the filming of several commercials, including for Toyota and for the fashion house, David Lawrence.

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